KSK48 and ProjectSUB48 collaboration

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KSK48 and ProjectSUB48 collaboration

Postby et443 » 02 Oct 2011, 17:18

KSK48, an Indonesia-based fan community, has approached us to help distribute their subtitles via our forums. Recognizing the importance of this deal for the AKB48 overseas community, we have accorded to provide them with extended English quality assurance, leaving original crediting, typesetting and timing untouched.

Since this is the first collaboration we do, there might be some rough edges around. We hope to polish them as releases continue to be done. Regardless of the amount of subtitles we end releasing through this partnership, we appreciate the trust they have given us in both the development and distribution of their subtitles.

We ask our translation satellites to contact us before translating subtitles created via this partnership, as they require crediting of their subtitle. Also, I remind everyone that ProjectSUB48 will gladly support any translator or translating group requiring help translating or distributing their subtitles.

Spreading the AKB48 love, that is our goal.
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