Muse no Kagami (February 18, 2012 - episode 5)

2012.01.14 - 2012.06.23, 24 episodes
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Muse no Kagami (February 18, 2012 - episode 5)

Postby et443 » 29 Feb 2012, 05:12

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TV program
  • Program name: ミューズの鏡 (Muse no Kagami)
  • Episode number: 5
  • Airing date: February 18, 2012
  • Official site:


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  • Subtitle original release date: February 29, 2012
  • Subtitle latest release date: February 29, 2012
  • Advanced SubStation Alpha (ASS) subtitle md5sum: 3f0cba66e9c4741ef12478b0c0e21c1f
  • SubRip (SRT) subtitle md5sum: 1fb62de23c3f43aad32553e6be199054
  • ASS-format subtitle timed/QA against 120218 AKB48 Sashihara Rino - Muse no Kagami ep05 (1280x720 x264).mkv (md5sum: 7f6bf283c57013ced1de57e594799f7d)
  • For untranslated terms, please check the glossary.

Other languages
  • Russian translation by Takuto-chan.
120218 AKB48 Sashihara Rino - Muse no Kagami ep05 RUSSUB.ass
Russian translation by Takuto-chan.
(21.54 KiB) Downloaded 345 times
120218 AKB48 Sashihara Rino - Muse no Kagami ep05 (1280x720 x264).srt
SRT-format subtitle. Automatically generated and not tested by ProjectSUB48.
(12.76 KiB) Downloaded 475 times
120218 AKB48 Sashihara Rino - Muse no Kagami ep05 (1280x720 x264).ass
ASS-format subtitle. Recommended download.
(16.85 KiB) Downloaded 707 times
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Re: Muse no Kagami (February 18, 2012 - episode 5)

Postby silg » 29 Feb 2012, 06:25

Thank you so much.
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Re: Muse no Kagami (February 18, 2012 - episode 5)

Postby Banjo » 29 Feb 2012, 06:27

Thank you
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Re: Muse no Kagami (February 18, 2012 - episode 5)

Postby okuno » 01 Mar 2012, 05:35

Thanks for the subs ^^
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