SUB48 Project list? :=)

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SUB48 Project list? :=)

Postby SuperShark » 29 Jul 2012, 22:09

So, I wanna start off by saying "THANKS A THOUSAND TIMES" to you guys here for your hard work in translating all this stuff. It's basically soley because of you that I became an AKB fan, and now I'm hooked.

I just wanted to ask since I heard on SUB48s twitter someone mention that he'd post something about future projects, is there such a list and/or thread?

The main reason is because I'm interested in finding out if there are plans for Matsui Renas ‘Kingyobachi’, but it would be interesting to see in general what you guys are planning.

So, thanks again for your hard work. The day when I'll finally be able to understand japanese (slowly working on it) I'll definetly get into subbing japanese stuff to help people out.
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