Do you want to know more about JKT48??

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Re: Do you want to know more about JKT48??

Postby ReadyFortyEight » 26 Aug 2013, 09:00

Well, I'd be honest. JKT48 isn't the most interesting group compared to the Japan-based groups, of course and obviously. but if u look into the context "an overseas group", with SNH48 there, I think JKT48 offered you a lot new things. JKT48 is new, they have a plenty things to learn first, whether its from their performance, variety side on a variety show, attitude and some other things. And about a handful of Indonesian subbing groups that sub in English about JKT48, yes they are @JKT48Stuff. I'm sorry if any of you had already know about them, so if you're interested and looking forward for something new in this 48 fandom, @JKT48Stuff really recommended as a handful Indonesian subbing group from Indonesia for international fans community, thanks ;)
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