AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

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AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby Aka-san » 08 Jul 2011, 12:56

Hey Guys,

Now that Majisuka Gakuen 2 is over. I was wondering about some of the lastest episode of AKBingo. Really I'm just interested in the translations of the recent "Shojiki Shogi" battles they have been having.

If it's subbed somewhere else that find, but having seen it on HelloOnline or other places.

So I thought I'd make a request since those segments are so popular.

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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby mshaydown » 09 Jul 2011, 01:07

I'm not part of the translation team but I do know that there are some rough translations of the shoujiki questions littered across the stage48 akbingo thread. If you're only after the recent episodes then it'd be pretty easy to find what you're looking for...plus whoever it is that posts those up is pretty fast so that should tide you over till sub48 officially translates the eps
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby Aka-san » 10 Jul 2011, 11:56

Understood. Ok I got it!

Yes I've seen some of them scattered around. But I was wondering if ProjectSub48 will make them a priority project. I think there's another team that have decided to pick up where some other famous AKBingo subber left off, but we are talking years of episodes. Hmmmm
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby fryzeee » 11 Jul 2011, 07:29

only ~38 eps between aidol and sub48 atm
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby Pasukaru90 » 28 Jan 2012, 04:35

38? couldnt even find 25 subbed episodes :(
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby emptystring » 31 Jan 2012, 09:05

I've watched all of the AKBingo episodes (both subbed and unsubbed on tudou/youku).

Is there a particular one that you want to see? Let me know the date and I'll whip something up quickly.
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby mayuyusuki » 05 Feb 2012, 22:39

This is one of my favorite segments on AKBINGO!

I'd love to see episode 2011.05.25, double shojiki with Mariko-sama vs Acchan and Tomochin vs "Gori"

EDIT on 3/1/2012: Thanks for subbing this episode I requested! I appreciate you guys going back to sub this :D
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby alfredcastle » 12 Feb 2012, 19:03

Are you guys sill interested in subbing the newest episodes of AKBINGO? or Shojiki Shogi segments? I want to help.
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby et443 » 12 Feb 2012, 19:37

Hey there, how goes? We will soon release a couple more AKBINGO! episodes (we currently have the second part of the Kizuna battle being checked, and the first part of the palm reading one), KSK48 is helping us with the newer episodes, while emptystring will help us release the episodes between April and September, the gap where we stopped doing it. We are working as hard as we can, although the lack of QAs is making our releases come slower than I wanted. A new translator is checking whether he can work with Shuukan, in order to start with it again. Right now we have enough timers for the amount of translators we have, what we are lacking is QA. So, I thank your interest in helping us, alfredcastle, but right now we have enough timers.
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Re: AKBingo Shojiki Shogi

Postby Tewa » 16 Feb 2012, 11:55

Just a quick note for those interested in good image quality: There's a different version of ep173 available that comes with better quality (compared to the version that gets uploaded at H!O since Nacchan<3 stopped uploading AKBINGO!).


Ep 172 is also available:


(don't know what the original source of these files is, since this blog mostly reposts stuff from H!O)

Maybe ProjectSUB48 could use these files to time future subtitles against.
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