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Postby et443 » 15 Jan 2011, 01:59

Hello! If you think you can give us a hand, don't think it twice! :-) Come here and post what can you do for us (getting us raws from Winny, Share or PD, reuploading things to file sharing services like Megaupload, Mediafire, etc, transcriptions to Japanese, translations from Japanese to English, timing episodes with or without translations, quality assurance, etc), and post your GMT offset.

Do not create a thread, just use this one. If you do, though, we will know you are not very good at reading and following instructions ;-)

Also, we may contact you immediately, after a while or never. So, don't be discouraged if you don't hear a reply, it means that either we have already covered all the positions we have, or that we think you won't be able to help us for the moment. So, no need to post several times asking why we aren't contacting you. Unfortunately, managing a large group requires taking the time to check if everyone is working as we expect, and sometimes that may take a while. When I started the group I mentioned everyone can help. This is still true, 200 persons translating each a few lines can translate AKBINGO! in minutes, but having 10 doing all the work while 190 do nothing makes those working hard feel as if they are being exploited. At this point, it is important to keep the spirit up, for both the members and those wanting to join!

Please use an active e-mail address to register, since we will try to contact you by e-mail as well as PM.

Good luck!
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Re: Recruitment

Postby PrivateLaughter » 15 Jan 2011, 18:15

I would really love to do something for you guys because I really enjoy the subtitles. But I haven't worked with subs before and my Japanese doesn't really exist so I will try to learn timing. But until then I would gladly upload to file sharing services, because it's the least I can do.

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Re: Recruitment

Postby abigaillau » 16 Jan 2011, 02:04

hello, i would like to help out with timing and k-timing. i'm using aegisub for it. :D i'm actually helping out in other communities with timing and k-timing, and i thought i could help give a hand to time and k-time AKB48 shows too. :DD
oh, as i've done timing quite a number of times, i could sort of understand japanese a little to assist me with doing timing and k-timing. so yep. :D

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Re: Recruitment

Postby Rappappa » 16 Jan 2011, 14:40

Hi this is Rappappa from ^^...well obviously xP basically I just copy-pasted what I posted over the other site xD

I only know basic Japanese right now, but I'm planning on taking lessons over the
summer break, so hopefully I might be able to contribute with more stuff later on.
Right now, I'll be gladly offering my service as a QA. I was a writer for
the school paper (which was published in English) for almost 6 years, so
even though I'm not a native English speaker, I have quite good command of the language.
I am willing to work with any material, so just holler if you need me ^^

As to my timezone, it's GMT+8. I might be pretty busy from time to time
because of college demands but please feel free to contact me anytime for available works
since, pretty much AKB48 >>>>>> SCHOOL to me anyways haha xD

Mina ganbatte ne~! :D
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Re: Recruitment

Postby rko01 » 16 Jan 2011, 18:06


If you are interested I can translate your English subs to French, to provide subtitles to more people.
(My English is maybe not really well, however I feel able to make good translations. :) )
I'm using Aegisub.

I know that at this time the priority is Japanese to English subs, but I would be glad if I can help ProjectSUB48 to growing up. ^^

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Re: Recruitment

Postby Meroron » 17 Jan 2011, 17:57

Hello! I would like to help out with the project :)
Although I love translating, my japanese isn't good enough to translate for subbing since there's always somthing that escapes me, so I was thinking I could help with timing.

I had a hobby once where I'd translate songs and sub the PV's and put them up on YouTube, so I had a bit of experience with timing then. I didn't use Aegisub back then though, so I'd have to learn how to use it, I hope it's not too different, haha.

I'm also willing to upload mirrors to file sharing websites. My upload speed sucks but with a little patience one can go far, right? xD

Oh, and I'm on GMT -3 :D
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Re: Recruitment

Postby nekonoai » 18 Jan 2011, 23:42


I'd like to help out a bit with some QA and grammar/spelling checking if that's possible. I love AKB and would do anything to see good subs keep coming!
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Re: Recruitment

Postby Alberich82 » 20 Jan 2011, 03:07

Hi people.

Well first of all, so much thanks for the sub, y really wait for a long time to see the most recent programs with subs. XD
If you need help, y will be glad to do something, about re-uploading or downloading, or wherever you want, and if you
want, i can translate to spanish to make other people come here. Well, i hope help to make this one of the best projects
of subbing (specially things of AKB XD)
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Re: Recruitment

Postby cogito1990 » 20 Jan 2011, 03:58

Hi! I would like to help out with the project
My japanese isn't good enough to translate for subbing, as my try at the 110105 episode had showed me so I was thinking I could help with timing.

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Re: Recruitment

Postby Black Gekikara » 20 Jan 2011, 16:06


Looks like I was in the wrong forum so I will just copypasta what I had to say. :lol:

First, I gotta say, THANK YOU so much for the Mousou Deka subs!

So fast!!! (Or is it me being slow in getting the raw?!)

If you are still looking for staff, I could help with the timing!


Anyway, thank you once again!
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